Raising Giant Brands With Exceptionalities

Who We Are

Incorporated in 1992, The Harry Fame Communications is one of Nigeria’s most focused integrated Marketing Communication Comapny parading skilled and dynamic people of taalents.

Our IMC concepts goes beyond idealizing, creating and placing ads. It involves deeply understanding the market, anticipating and causing changes, places our clients at advantage over market events and scenarios, and ensuring their marketing efforts are focused, well-directed and secures their bottom line.

We see ourselves as an indispensable extension of our client’s marketing department – a dependable partner in progress.

We are 100% Advertising, Branding Management, and Marketing Consultants. We are continually creating and enhacing opportunities for product success and durable BRAND values! We are guided by the concept that in today’s marketing environment, everything counts.


Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Sharp, Focus, R & D, Ethics, Integrity, Best-Practice, Insights, Wit, Passion, Team Spirit, Creative Responsibility, Baseline Thinking.

We look beyond the skies/surface with faith and trust to become successful in providing (short- and long-term solutions, in brilliant new ways, to fulfill modern marketing communication needs of business organizations and for community development.

We see endless untapped resource opportunities in high-level organizational marketing (and its acceptance) in the private and public sectors.

We are an innovative, versatile and quality-led firm whose efforts would gain global acceptance for centuries to come; whose output would continue to inspire emulation in creativity wherever we are. Out never-dying pioneering spirit is combined with (our) perseverance and an exaggerated love for perfection.

About Us | Our Strength

Our people, clients, proprietary tool and our gumption all together chart our path to success and growth. Our added strength lies in “doing more” and “giving more” with pragmatic application of core marketing concepts and principles nurtured by our reliable insights. The result: desired consumer response! OUR CULTURE = Perfect as is.

About Us | Our Culture

An unrepentant drive and passion for best quality results while applying profession best practices. We clearly see an endless untapped resource opportunites in the area of high-level organisational marketing and their acceptance, especially in the private sector in Nigeria

About Us | How We Do It

Using our vast experience within the industry, we exceed brand handling expectations, we offer a fast but flexible approach to brand projects from design to fulfillment, working together to develop ideas and to create bespoke results. With incurable attention to detail, we delight in being the company that does more, and gives even more. You will smile.

About Us | What We Use

The Harry Fame Communication utilizes the skills and creativity of the best minds in packaging and delivering brand vision and dreams via our unique and reliable model, The C-Quartet, which is our propietory tool for distilling relevant facts in the journey between what is made available and what is desirably accepted, as we go the full spectrum of marketing communication nine-yards. The C-Quartet is our unique model (the 4Cs) for analyzing Consumet, Client, Competition and Community insights